August 13, 2013


 Rich wine shades have depth and texture to reflect this season’s emotional and luxurious aspects.  Vivacious and Beaujolais operate as a berry duo lending velvety expression.  Highlights of Samba Red lift the palette to create a sumptuous finish.

Orange along with brown and tan are essential tones for this season, drawing together military references and antique luxury nuances.  Varying tones from brass to pale gold create variation between the light and dark.

Retro green hues become completely contemporary in fresh varieties.  Fantastical themes bring newness to this collection and inspire frivolity and playfulness.  The ever so popular Emerald Green is vibrant and definite, and represents a new take on green for fall/winter.  Linden and Deep Lichen Green are searing and warm lending an unexpected touch to this palette.  

Purple continues to reign this season, acting as a versatile hue that can represent both regal and somber approaches.  Acai Purple is vibrant and strong, echoing the legacy of royal rulers. 

Blues become murky and unclear in rich teal variations for fall and winter.  Rather than the classic and reliable blue tones, this season’s option offers a more emotive and poetic response. Mykonos Blue is a mix of ink blue and turquoise to create a classic teal tone that works for this season.  Let’s not forget about Turbulence Grey which brings the entire palette together.  I personally love this palette and think it's spot on with what we saw on the runway.  What do you think?

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