August 1, 2013


Can we talk coffee table books?  I have been obsessed with them lately (well I always have been).  As if they're not great already to read, they are a pleasure to use as decoration.  My bookshelves will never be complete as I love to change it up all the time, but when I come across a new book I must add it to my collection.  As some can be very expensive, I suggest checking out Half Price BookseBay and Amazon.  One tip that I've learned is most books have very pretty covers underneath the dust jacket.  Like this Glamorous Rooms book which has a leopard print hardcover underneath the dust jacket.  From decorating my bookshelves with them or your coffee table, you can't go wrong with any of the below books.  I also love stacking them tall underneath a table or stool.  Here's some of my favorites!

All my lovin' ~ Tiffany

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