August 6, 2013



Did you know?   H&M finally has e-commerce.   That's right.  Ok, maybe it's not a big deal to you,  but to me, it is!  And to add to the excitement,  there's a home section now.  I've already selected a few items that I love.   On that note,  I did see a few things in the clothing section that I liked,  but not as much as I'd liked.   And another thing that worries me is that when shopping there at the store you seem to run into a lot of hits and misses.  So shopping online can be an issue if this is the case.  Such as the quality which in the store you can tell right away,  unlike online it may photograph well and you won't know until it arrives.  Regardless, here's a few things I'm seriously pondering over purchasing.  What do you think?   Will you go shopping online at H&M soon?  

 Gotta love pillows!  These are all great options.  I'm particularly loving the black and white atzec print option and would like to get a couple of those velvet ones too!  This Beautiful pillow is written out in sequins...very pretty!

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What great little accessories to add to your collection.  These would look great on my bookshelves.  Hobnail vases are timeless and with this one being mercury glass it brings a vintage feel to your home.  Let's just hope the candle smells nice!

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Let's not forget about the babies and kids.  This star quilt would fit in perfectly in my nephews nursery!  It's space themed!

All my lovin' ~ Tiffany


  1. I really like you blog. I would pick #3 pillow it is really unique.

  2. I haven't even looked at this site yet. I'm too nervous that I'd spend too much! Haha. Love the home items though.

    1. Thanks Jessica! I know, I feel the same way! Thanks for stoppin' by.

  3. Replies
    1. LOL, I know. It would look great in Ethan's room!