August 20, 2013


This past Sunday was my 28th birthday!  It's unreal to think I'm 28 years old.  I still feel like I'm 21.  Regardless, it was great spending it with my husband having a nice and relaxing pool day.  We've had wonderful weather lately here in Dallas (when I say wonderful, I mean for once it wasn't over 100 degrees) so a pool day was not completely unbearable.  Afterwards we jetted off to dinner at my favorite place, Maggianos.  It was lovely - great food and romantic ambiance - couldn't ask for anything more.  Once we got home, my husband sang happy birthday to me and gave me my cake.  This was his attempt at baking me a cake, but I say it's the thought that counts!  He's actually a fantastic cook.  This was just a freak accident!  He really does spoil me, if buying me the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 wasn't enough, he surprised me with all new watercolor art supplies.  I absolutely love it all and thanks to everyone that made my birthday so enjoyable.

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