August 12, 2013


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Is it just me, or is it vacation time?  I'm eager to start planning our next vacation.  Knowing that we can't afford anything outrageous right now, here's my top 5 dream vacations.  Oh how I would love to see the land down under.  I hear the beaches are just amazing, but I'm not sure about swimming in the ocean though (too many great whites!), or maybe that's just because shark week was last week!  Now who doesn't want to go to Paris?!  I want to experience it at least once in my life.  As for the rest of Europe, Spain is my next choice as well as cruising the Mediterranean.  Bora Bora...what can I say?  It's gorgeous, has crystal turquoise water and it's right on top of the water - I'm pretty sure staying at the Four Seasons is on every body's bucket list and I can definitely see why.  What's your dream vacation?  I would love to know!

All my lovin' ~ Tiffany

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