September 4, 2013


I positively cannot wait to create my very own home office space.  But right now this is just a dream considering our one bedroom apartment will not suffice.  Next year me and my husband hope to own our first house.  Soon after, let the preparation begin!  Here's a couple of my inspiration pics I've been lusting over lately.  Let's just say it will be white with tons of color.  If ya can't tell by now, I'm obsessed with color!      

Saving the best for last, is this AMAZING workspace re-do by Edie of Life In Grace.  Check out her whole workspace here.  I adore her use of color and absolutely LOVE the big green work table in the middle.  This shows you what you can do with a small space that actually works and is efficient.  I say this because not only is this her office, but it also houses her washer and dryer!  I just can't say enough how happy this room makes me.  It sums up my home interior style to a T!

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