July 30, 2013


Introducing to you some of the most popular trends of the season all for under $100!  I am just going crazy with all the options we have out there.  I must get this bright and colorful Mexican serape throw!  I already own 2 Mexican throws that I bought while in San Antonio, but they aren't as bright.  This will really pop against my black and white throw pillows on my sofa.  Kimonos are all the rage this summer.  As it gets so hot here in Texas, you might wonder why you would wear one, but they aren't as hot as you would think.  I constantly pair mine with shorts and a tank and if I get hot I just take it off and swing across my handbag.  The best accessory to wear while wearing your kimono is.....Turquoise Jewelry!  It brings a southwest flair to your outfit.  It's easy breezy and these pieces from Forever 21 will not break the bank!  Scarf prints have been trending for a while now, but haven't really caught my eye until now.  This maxi makes it look more regal and less "in your face" which I like.  As home interiors is my second love to fashion, I must mention the gold animal decor trend.  I already have a gold elephant on my book shelves (which you will see in an upcoming post showing you around my home) but this one from Furbish is very sleek and modern.  Hope you love these as much as I do!  Which is your favorite?

All my lovin' ~ Tiffany

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