October 14, 2013


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Today's Style Spotlight focuses 100% on Olivia Palermo's FAB looks.  Can you say très chic?  No matter the event, time of day or even the season, this girl always looks put together.  With her effortless way of layering in the fall and winter months to her flirty blouse and flared skirt look for spring and summer, there's nothing she can't pull off.  I can tell her go-to look is of a neutral palette (which she rocks) or a bright pop of color.  Pretty sure she's wearing this peacoat in yellow above.  I love mixing neutrals in my wardrobe; however, I tend to go bold with various color combos.  Fur is also a go-to accessory for her, whether it be a jacket, vest or clutch - she loves her fur!  How fun is this vest?  Totally Olivia's style.  Olivia Palermo is undoubtedly one of my favorite style icons of all time.  I should have definitely included her in my hair obsession post last week!  Some often forget how your hairstyle impacts your outfit.  Well it does...majorly!  Hers is ALWAYS impeccable.  If you're curious (I know I am), read this to find out exactly how her hair stylist creates this glossy look.  I can hardly stand how perfect her hair is in the first pic.  Wish my hair would part that flawlessly in the middle - mine parts on the side naturally darn it!  Who's your style icon?  

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