October 9, 2013


All photos via Pinterest

Not too long ago I cut almost 12 inches off my hair.  I love it short now, but I have 
to admit, I miss my long hair.  Good thing is, it's growing really fast so I hope to have
 it back soon!  How gorgeous are these girls?  I mean...LOVE their hair!  Enjoy the long 
hair goodness and happy hump day everyone! 


  1. Good for you - it takes balls. I had super short hair for a couple of years in high school/college. Sadly my hair takes FOREVER to grow so there were some bad stages... You're lucky that yours grows fast if you want it to. With that said, I love girls with short hair - it's such a statement.

    1. Thank you so much. I love short hair too, it's very stylish! On another note...I feel a little star struck that you commented on my post! :-) I adore your blog and read it everyday!!