January 21, 2014


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What's not to love about 70's style?  I adore it and currently see it everywhere!  I've ALWAYS looked at the 70's for inspiration for my daily outfits.  I love the effortless look it creates.  Who knows, maybe it's because of the recent release of American Hustle (I just had to add a picture of the ever so chic Jennifer Lawrence).  The appearance of denim is a huge factor here and layering piece by piece.  How great is this Denim Maxi Dress from Asos?!  The classic silhouettes of a high waist, straight skirts and longs jackets just scream retro vintage.  To say this trend will be huge for Spring is an understatement.  It was seen everywhere on the runways during Spring 2014 Fashion Week.  Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner.  I say it every year that I'm ready for Spring/Summer, but when it gets here and it's 100 degress outside, I regret it!  Needless to say, even though it's still winter, you can pair this amazing flowy blouse with a pair of these ultra flared jeans and you've got the 70's retro vibe down to a T!  How do you feel about this trend?

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